Hi! I originally started this blog in January 2018 as a tool to help me write a book. You can learn a little bit more about me. Or you can learn something about the book I'm (still) writing. A few recent posts are below, or you can browse the full archive.

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Nov 17, 2019 📖 November book status update
May 8, 2019 📖 On ideological purity in programming
Apr 30, 2019 📖 Encapsulating mutable state
Apr 16, 2019 📖 Composition vs extension
Apr 9, 2019 📖 Controlling module dependencies
Apr 2, 2019 📖 Deconstructing SOLID design principles
Mar 19, 2019 📖 Testing at the boundaries
Mar 11, 2019 📖 Quick feedback loops while coding
Mar 5, 2019 📖 Backpressure
Feb 27, 2019 📖 The end-to-end principle in distributed systems

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